Software demonstration for field level monitoring – UKCDP (23 June 2022)

The departments have been monitoring the implementation of Fisheries and Sheep & Goat activities through physical verification, reports and MPRs. The need of the hour is to use real time monitoring systems such as software / apps / MIS etc. Currently the departments are in process of preparing strategy and implementable plan for MIS and app based systems to monitor field level activities. In this context team members of USGCF gave the presentation on mobile based app which can be used at farmers’ level. Direct data entry can be done at farmers level covering various components such as animal’s birth, procurement of animal, fodder/feed, vaccination, health, sale etc. It was advised to the department that synchronization of app needs to be ensured with the MIS developed by the department. The department was further instructed to check the feasibility of using app at farmers’ level. Systems need to be created for effective utilization of app based systems. The existing FIUs, Farmer Service Centres can be connected to make it implementable at field level. The department is also advised to explore more options where this app can be utilized effectively. Fisheries team was also instructed to explore the opportunities for using this app. The sector will also focus on developing Angling Tourism along with homestay development. For this the team is instructed to identify the picturesque locations. The team was also advised to take the benefit of Amrit Sarovar Scheme and find the opportunity on how this scheme can be connected to fishery activity.

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