Review Meeting – UKCDP (22 June’2022)

The four sectors of UKCDP project namely Cooperative, Sheep & Goat, Dairy and Fishery sectors have been playing a vital role in planning, strategizing and implementing the key activities through farmer groups/cooperatives. The concerned teams presented the weekly progress of the works undertaken. Meeting was held with Sheep & Goat sector, Dairy and Cooperative sector on 22nd June 2022 to review their weekly progress. It was discussed that Goat Valley Project can be collaborated with Homestay project. Development of about 10 Goat valleys will be targeted this year. The team will identify the picturesque locations in the goat valleys to develop the homestays. Such initiatives will promote employment among local population alongside generating income to farmers from goat rearing. Sheep & Goat sector in convergence with Dairy department have been able to procure goat milk from farmers in chilled cans. Market exercise has been undertaken by the team. Few samples of packaged Goat Milk (200 ml) shall be distributed among the retailers for pilot testing and to gather customers’ feedback. Few samples of goat milk were also presented by the team during meeting. The department was also instructed to explore projects with Govt. sheep farms in the state on PPP mode based on the requirements. The departments were also instructed to promote digital payments wherever any sale is happening such as Uttarafish outlets, BAKRAW outlets etc. About 1-2 homestays per district will be also identified under dairy sector where milk activities are being undertaken. It was also discussed that the team should put an effort to maintain animals’ health through software or app based systems. Cooperative department presented the draft financial model for homestay development. It was suggested that few homestay owners in nearby districts can be contacted to validate the assumptions taken for the input costs, taxes etc.

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