Meeting regarding Fodder Policy & Convergence – Animal Husbandry & Dairy (13 June’2022)

The Animal Husbandry department in consultation with the field officers are preparing revised fodder policy for the state. A joint meeting of animal husbandry and dairy department was held for reviewing the draft policy and the convergence plan between both the departments. The key discussion points and suggestions given to the department include: 1) Paddy and Wheat procurement centres in Kumaon and Garhwal regions should have the mechanism / system to procure the straw / chaff as well. The department was instructed to work on setting up of procurement systems and required infrastructures. 2) Another aspect which needs to be incorporated in the scheme is “how this policy will address fodder supply crisis and how it will meet the demand during crisis”. 3) It was discussed that provision of MSP should be there to purchase crop residues from farmers and the department should be given revolving fund (working capital) to initiate the procurement activity. 4) In the next meeting department is instructed to present estimated cost for short, medium and long term plans. 5) Pilot clusters need to be taken in hills and plains for supplying the fodder under convergence activity 6) It was also discussed that fodder banks should be given to dairy department for its operationalization based on potential and availability of staff. 7) Software / App based monitoring systems needs to be set up. The dairy department was instructed to create an app to monitor the convergence related progress. 8) For awareness generation among the farmers and pourers, pamphlets should be distributed highlighting per litre cost incurred and milk price being paid to the pourers by Dugdh Sangh.

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