First Meeting of NEDAC Committee on Livestock Cooperatives (29-06-2022)

Network for the Development of Agricultural Cooperatives in Asia and the Pacific (NEDAC) committee is formed with an objective of knowledge sharing about Agricultural cooperatives among Asia-Pacific members. First meeting of the NEDAC committee on “Livestock Cooperatives” was held on 29th June 2022. NEDAC aims to develop viable livestock farming industry to improve rural economy by focusing on livestock cooperatives. Key discussion points of the meeting include overall livestock scenario at global & national level and key challenges of the sector across the member countries. Uttarakhand is the pioneer state in developing livestock cooperatives and taking initiative towards the journey of livestock products from unorganized to organized markets. Case studies of Uttarakhand livestock cooperatives, challenges faced and its solutions, brand building of “BAKRAW” goat meat were shared with the national and international participants. “Meat on Wheels” model and women employment generation through this model were also highlighted during the meeting. Way forward for livestock sector development was presented which involved discussion on, knowledge sharing across the member countries, promotion of organized market, Public Private partnership and Corporate Cooperative Partnership model, Livestock based integrated farming system and value addition by developing processing facilities of livestock products to increase farmer’s income.

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