First Meeting of “National Level Monitoring & Implementation Committee” (NLMIC) for Computerization of PACS: 8-07-2022

First meeting of “National Level Monitoring & Implementation Committee” (NLMIC) for “Computerization of PACS” was held on 8-07-2022. District level and state level Implementation & Monitoring Committee to be formed by State Government and provide feedback to NLMIC on progress of computerization. NABARD will be responsible for implementation of project at Central level under guidance of National level Monitoring and Implementation Committee. Project Monitoring Unit (PMU) will be set up at Central level by NABARD and this will be manned by technical experts for finalizing project design & implementation strategy. All states will have common software implementation at PACS, for further synchronization with National Level PACS Software. Components cost for PACS, like (Hardware, digitization & support system) will be shared in the ratio GoI: State (60:40). For software, training & PMU cost will be transferred to NABARD by GoI as per payment timelines of the contract with National Level PACS Software Vendor (NLPSV). Timeline for PACS computerization is planned in Year wise phasing of the project:

Year 1: 2022-23(13000 PACS)

Year 2: 2023-24(20000 PACS)

Year 3: 2024-25(30000 PACS)

Year 4: 2025-26 & Year 5: 2026-27, Total of 63000 PACS.

Uttarakhand State has 670 PACS in total, 645 out of 670 are being computerized, difference of 25 PACS is in the progress of being merged together. Hardware has been distributed to 643 PACS. Key components for PACS computerization: ERP Solution, Hardware, PMUs, Training, Support & maintenance. As per NLMIC guidelines responsibility of State Government will be as follows: Opening of SNA account, Audit of PACS, facilitating NABARD to set up SLIMC & DLIMC and meeting their covenants, approval of operational guidelines of the project.

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