In the earlier sutra 1.43 we talked about savitarka sampatti. In this sutra we will talk abour nivitarka samaptti.

The components of savitarka sampatti are word, knowledge and essence of the object that comes n mind on which we meditate.

In nivitrka sampatti , we move to the memory level and meditate and achieve samadhi.

When we meditate on an object there are stages of meditation. First it is word, secondly , the knowledge associated with the word and third the memory associated with the word.

Let us take an example of object of meditation:

  1. Breath: If we are meditating on breath, we observe that we are breathing. This is the word. Then the knowledge of breathing that we are inhaling and exhaling. (words). Thus, we know whether we are taking breath inside or outside.

How did we know that we are inhaling or exhaling? we were told in class and in our childhood by our elders that the act of taking air inside is called inhaling and act of giving out breath is exhaling. This is knowledge.

If we go beyond that then the act of only breathing remains. Just observe it then the memory of knowledge slowly and slowly fades away and we only meditate on the object of breath itself.

This state is called nivitarka sampatti or nivitarka samadhi.