5.17, Sloka 17, Chapter 5:

People whose intellect is directed to ultimate truth (Intellect is one part of the mind, the decision maker in mind), whose atman (soul) is directed towards ultimate truth, whose faith is directed towards ultimate truth, when a person is completely absorbed in the work he is doing  then such a person reached the ultimate truth fast with his sins washed away by the knowledge.

Here four qualities are mentioned for the person who wants to know the truth

  1. He should have faith. (earlier in one sloka also faith as a prerequisite is mentioned)
  2. he should direct his intellect. Intellect is the decision maker in the mind. So, it makes the final call as to what action has to be pursued and what activity is not being pursued.

3.He should direct his soul. We have seen that the soul of a person is the ultimate enjoyer of whatever acts we are doing. So, if we direct our activities to the ultimate truth then the soul will reap the benefits of knowing the truth.

  1. Complete absorption in the activity (The activity of search for truth) a person does.

Thus, we can see that with the four qualities the person can attain knowledge which will wash away his ignorance.

5.18, Sloka 18, Chapter 5:

A person who gets the knowledge and the veil of ignorance is gone then he will develop a vision or insight that will allow him to see all living things equally in the world.

Knowledge gives vision to a person. This vision helps to discriminate from the plain vision what a person sees. We may see with our eyes that things are different like a cow may be different from a dog or elephant. A well-learned person may be different from a lower person. But a person who has the vision of knowledge sees all of them equally.

This is the power of knowledge it gives us the vision to see the reality and helps us not to get swayed by the superficial differences.