6.1, Sloka 1: Chapter 6 : Dhyan Yoga:

Lord Krishna gives the definition of a yogi here. Who can be called a “yogi”? he says the person who is performing all the activities without any desire and trying to unite his individual consciousness with universal consciousness is called a yogi and not people who have just left of all activities of the world.

This sloka gives the affirmation that we need not go to jungles to practice renunciation. We can practice them right here, right now. Though the temptations are difficult in this world, but if we can practice work as per the concepts of yoga in the present state that gives more happiness to the individual.

6.2, Sloka 2: Chapter 6:

In this sloka, Lord Krishna gives the meanings of Yoga and renunciation. He says renunciation is not leaving the work, renunciation is leaving the desire for the results of work. If the person leaves the desire for the results of work, then he is called a renunciate or sanyasi. This is stage one.

For a sanyasi to become a yogi, there is stage 2. He should try to unite his individual consciousness with ultimate consciousness/ultimate truth through the practice of yoga.

Thus we have seen that in earlier sloka Lord Krishna established the supremacy of karma sanyasa in chapter 3,4,5 and now he is asking us to move forward to next stage: Yoga and become a karma yogi.