6.3, Sloka 3: Chapter 6:

Here in this sloka, the qualifications for a person aspiring to be a yogi and who has become a yogi are given. Lord Krishna says that when a person is trying to reach the union of individual consciousness with universal consciousness, then actions are the means by which he has to try. By actions, he will be going through all the desires and resist them and overcome them. He will conquer anger, greed, lie, inauthenticity etc by being in action by being in this world it is possible to live such a life.  Once a person has lived such a life then he is ready to leave the actions and reflect upon higher things which will enable him to be in the union.

Thus it is made clear that we have to conquer ourselves by being very much where we are and not go to the Himalayas to conquer ourselves.

6.4, Sloka 4: Chapter 6:

This is another powerful sloka. Here Lord Krishna says how can we identify the person who is ready for renunciation and perform meditation. In simple words when can we say a person is self-realized? The person is self-realized who does not look for pleasure from the sense objects. Even if the highest temptation is put before them, they do not budge because they have tasted the higher fruit of universal consciousness. We observe this in people with high willpower on earth. Detached life in the present world is the signal with which we can identify the person who is on the path to become a yogi.