5.27,28,29 Sloka 27,28,29 Chapter 5:

We spoke a lot about liberation. Liberation from karma, liberation from samsara life etc. In this sloka, Lord Krishna talks about what actually liberation means and how it is attained. Liberation means freedom. Freedom from desires, and its accomplices, anger, greed, comforts. Freedom from the wants of the brain. Freedom from external sense objects. If we can free our brain from external sense objects and desires for them, that is freedom.

After freeing the mind from these desires, we concentrate our mind on the breath, and between the eyebrows so that the mind can focus on our self and start the journey of yoga. In the journey of yoga, a person slowly inches forward towards unification of self to ultimate consciousness.

The recipe for liberation is given here in a simple way. Freeing from senses and concentrating inward and working steadfastly.

Also in sloka 29, Lord Krishna adds, if people are working then they should work as if they are doing like a Yagna. the yagna and austerities of yagna ( read work ) should be offered to him and not to themselves. If people offer their work to the lord then the stress will vanish in people and peace will come to them.